Saturday, July 20, 2013

Catty update (life before the big change)

Time for a catty update. The boys have been living an odd life of late as my lap slowly disappears. Well, quickly, more like...

There's been much begging and waiting for me to fix the problem but finally they've figured out that clinging onto a leg is the only way to go. I am, as a result, covered in cat scratches as the cats keep slipping and squabbling for room. Such is the catty life.

They've also had some new kiddy toys to check out. This one was a favourite cardboard box alternative for a while but right now I'm thinking the new kiddy carpet, complete with car track to run toy cars over, is going to be the craze. Once I dare unroll it, of course. I'm waiting as I know the fur will coat the carpet before the bub can puke on it. Fair's Fair, tis the bub's so he gets first shot at messing it up.

Otherwise, there's been much lazing about in the sun as I've gotten them used to full days outside.

Holing up in boxes is the evening activity when the previously mentioned lap isn't yet available.


And finally, their evenings have been taken over by possum watching. This lady possum has been around for years and is once again pregnant, as am I, and so I've been feeding her what I can and, as usual, keeping the cats well out of the way during the evenings and nights. The boys just have to suffer on their comfy chairs at night.

Finally, the sad news. Neighbour Cat passed away recently. He had a tumour on his kidney and got very thin, shaky and sickly. For a while we hung out on the couch together and he loved the heater but his owners eventually came and took him to the vets and he was put down. While I wasn't entirely comfortable with the entire scenario I was at least thankful he didn't continue to suffer further. He was right on the edge of being not only uncomfortable and ill but immovable. R.I.P. Neighbour Cat, you cranky, cantankerous (but amusing) puddy tat.

When next I update there will be a new member to the household, one who'll be terrorising the cats no end. I'll have to keep the camera ready...