Monday, April 23, 2012

Scariest children in horror movies

The acting of a child can make or break a movie, especially a horror movie. Here are a few of the best child actors. There is another that springs to mind but she played in an Asian horror movie I can't remember the name of so I'm finding it rather difficult to look up. When I figure it out, I'm definitely adding her to the list. She was FREAKY.

Blonde Alien Children - Village of the Damned based on The Midwich Cuckoos by John Wyndham.

Harvey Spencer Stephens - Damien Thorn from The Omen.

Isabelle Fuhrman - Esther from Orphan

Rie Inō - Sadako Yamamura from The Ring adapted from the novel Ring by Kōji Suzuki.

Linda Blair - Regan from The Exorcist

Will Sandin - Michael Myers from Halloween

Daeg Faerch - Michael Myers from Rob Zombie's Halloween

Lina Leandersson from Let the Right One In based on a novel of the same title by John Ajvide Lindqvist.

Kare Hedebrant - from Let the Right One In (spooky and far too accepting of the slaughter going on around him).

John Franklin - Isaac from the Children Of The Corn based on a short story of the same title by Stephen King.

Danny Lloyd - Danny Torrance from The Shining based on a novel of the same title by Stephen King.

Lisa and Louise Burns - The Grady Twins from The Shining

Drew Barrymore - Charlene 'Charlie' McGee from The Firestarter based on a novel of the same title by Stephen King.

Miko Hughes - Gage Creed from Pet Cemetary based on a novel of the same title by Stephen King.

Abbey-May Wakefield - Little girl from 30 Days Of Night based on the comic book miniseries of the same name by Steve Niles.

Patty McCormack - Rhoda Penmark from The Bad Seed based on a 1954 novel by William March of the same name.

Yuya Ozeki - Toshio Saeki (Cat Boy) from Ju-on: The Grudge.

Macaulay Culkin - Henry from The Good Son.

Ethan Cutkosky - Jumby Barto the Dybbuk from The Unborn (best thing about the movie).

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