Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The sexiest ladies of fiction have character

If you're going to draw a sexy female character give them something extra. Bad, powerful, traitorous, innocent, beguiling, unaware, practical and patient, honourable, capable, intelligent, soft-hearted, domineering, family-orientated, career-driven, complex, driven etc. The sexiest characters female characters aren't only sexy for their looks and should be able to gain the admiration of those not normally attracted to women.

Those who are tough on women will pick them appart because of their looks if there isn't substance to back them up. Even with substance, both male and female sexy characters often suffer at the hands of critics or criticisers. But if they aren't just their package they will weather fashions and time gracefully.

Jessica rabbit

Wonder Woman

Betty Boop

Turanga Leela

Lois Griffin

Cat woman

The Baroness

Marge Simpson

The same applies for the ladies of fiction novels but it is easier to create a complex character when you have only the written word to work with. What is harder is making that character sexy. It isn't just a matter of including sex scenes of good looks via description. The sexiness, as with cartoon and comic characters, comes from what's inside as out. The sexiness is in their confidence, thoughts, actions, reactions, loves, motivations and view of their world. And more. Attraction when their is no physical or even visual body is all in the mind.

Here are some of my current favourites.

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