Friday, May 11, 2012

Best vampires in fiction

For this I wanted more than just fangs and blood. I wanted the best of those vampires we actually see the character of, if only for a brief period. So here's my pick.

Dracula (The reason we love vampires.)

Nosferatu (Just beautiful in his ugliness.)

Alacard from Hellsing (LOVE this version of Dracula. He's got uber amounts of power, wicked guns and is right royal nuts too. He's also one to manipulate those few he's interested - can't say likes - in into becoming more powerful rather than wanting to squash them all.)

Selene from Underworld (Mainly for the guns.)

Lestat from Anne Rice's vampire series (Don't groan - he's psychotic in the books and compared to Louis who whines endlessly he's quite fun to read of. This is the picture they used when dressing up Tom Cruise.)

Claudia from Anne Rice's vampire series (Permanently 6 and bonkers for it. Gotta love a loopy vampire. The carnage and chaos that follows is always interesting to see.)

Spike from Buffy (Need I say anything?)

Eric Northman from Charlaine Harris's Sookie Stackhouse series (Also don't groan - you really can't tell if he's good or bad or downright psycho in the books and you end up loving the character for it. How can you say no to a thousand year old viking who loves to chop off heads in battle?)

Pamela from Charlaine Harris's Sookie Stackhouse series (They don't get her personality quite right in the True Blood series but what we do read of her in the books is a strong, thoughtful, proactive, loyal and fierce vampire. She's shows Eric's good side and is his greatest asset, even though she was attacked by him and turned rather than by choice. Normally that would make an enemy out of someone, right?)

David from The Lost Boys (I've been put through this show far too many times and never thought it that great to begin with. If I see it one more time I'll take a swan dive off a bridge most like. Still, David is a good character.)

Eli from Let The Right One In (Super creepy but loyal and lonely.)

Drusilla from Buffy (Mad as a cut snake but we love her because of it.)

Blade from Blade (half-vampire but he gets a pass for being so fun)

F from Marebito

Martin from Martin (Should I? Shouldn't I? He's not a vampire... Ah, why not. Most of life is in the mind anyway.)

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