Saturday, May 5, 2012

Magnetic bookmarks

I've finally found the solution and it really is working. 

For me, your average bookmark lasts about, ooooh, the first few chapters of a book before it falls out and is lost. I long ago gave up on bookmarks and resolved to keep on dog tagging (don't wince - you don't have to read my ratty but loved books) and laying the book out falt (another crime I know but hey, I paid for the copy).

And then I was in a bookshop and spied by the counter some bookmarks that had one thing about them setting them apart from the stock standard sort. They had magnets on them to hold them in place. The ones in the bookstore were the usual cat, dog, frog and whatnot variety so I got a cat one and tried it out, hopeful it would last. 

Yes! Finally. And the best thing about all this is I have 3 magnet sheets I can cut up to make my own. I'm thinking about patterns and how thick the cardboard should be. I have to make at least  two to three because I rarely read only one thing at a time.

In my search for ideas, I found these on the Interwebs.

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