Saturday, May 19, 2012

On bonfires

The day out was for my father's birthday party at the farm. Much cake was had and we also lit a bonfire.

Were you thinking this size bonfire?


It was quite a bit bigger...

It took a couple of seconds for this to happen. Whoooosh!

This is as close as you could get and even at this point it felt like my face was cooking. No marshmallows for us.

Usually you use a stick to manage a fire, right? This time it was with a tractor.

Roast potatoes or potato charcoal?


  1. Reminds me of bonfires at my dad's place when he was alive. He'd pile up everything that came down in storms for about five years and then on a saturday night get permits and make the thing go "woof"

    1. This one was half a year's worth and in the tradition of my Gran's pyromania. She loved a good bonfire. The bigger the better. So much so the last one was lit in her honour. It was about this big too.
      Giant bonfires are fantastic, aren't they. :)