Friday, May 25, 2012

The first shelving solution

That's an emu egg, in case you wanted to ask. The Bunnikins 'booky' bank was one I was given when I was quite young, under five likely. Same goes for the fluffy thing on a swing which I always loved and never knew just what it was. It swings, that's all I needed.

Half of the pirate section. There's a boat, a rusted toy pistol, three large rocks (the least colourful being the most important, a small jar of gold flecks, a small treasure chest with my grandmother's (never got to meet her) tiny perfume bottle in it and my jewelry container which I made out of clay in a ceramics class (you can only see it in the final shot and the pretty bit is inside - a shell painted on the inside in glaze).

The books for those who are curious.

I made the paired bookends when I was a tike. I was thinking about it and I'd have to guess I was around 10.

That's my painting on the left and Mum's of me as a kid on the right.

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