Thursday, May 31, 2012

Making a cosy reading nook for yourself

There are spots about any house that can be made into reading nooks. Hiring an architect of moving house is not required. In fact you might be able to make one without buying a single new item for your house.

What you want to make, ideally, is a snuggly spot with good natural lighting during your main reading house and a power point available for when you wish to use electric lighting. So for a reading nook it is best to choose a spot either by a window or within an enclosed veranda or sunroom.

You could place a cushion or mattress over a large box, chest or low set of drawers capable of taking your weight and more. Once this box, chest or set of drawers is placed close to a window you have a mock up sun bed. While the above has been designed it wouldn't take too much to create something similar if you have the appropriate furniture pieces about.

If you don't then have a box, chest or set of drawers available then placing your favourite reading chair near the window and setting a small table next to it is also a fantastic option. Colours don't have to match, especially if you wish to place your books close by. Unless you are completely obsessed with ordering your books by colour and size and type then having mismatching colours together works tremendously well. All because your books are also mismatched.

Next, find a place to store your books, whether in tall shelves close by, in a small shelf nearby, a converted magazine rack or just a small stack on your reading table. If you only have a small space available then choosing a nice selection of the latest titles you want to read and rotating them often will help make you want to read in your nook. It just adds a little more invitation to the sunlight and cosiness.

For an incredibly decadent reading nook you could set up a small bed or any of the variety of sleeping chairs available. They work like hammocks but won't destroy any support beams in your house, if you happen to even be able to access two support beams in the desired spots.

Finally, you will know your nook is successful if you have to battle your pet to actually use it at all. Enjoy the squabbles. Note: these squabbles over ownership will only increase if heating is used during the winter months, whether by fireplace of heater.

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