Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Rosy's nerd raising early tv shows list

This list is a starter list for raising my little boy as a nerd. Or at least giving him every opportunity to join the nerd ranks along with the rest of us (I won't hold it against him if he turns to sportsball and forgets all else). While searching through tv shows I did find myself rather disappointed by the lack of female leads let alone female characters. It isn't only good for girls to see other girls getting out there fighting dragons and saving the day. Boys need to see and accept girls of such nature too. Especially the nerdy little boys who, more often than not, end up searching for their lady dragon slayer later on in life. So this list is only a starter and includes a cry for more female heroines who'll say "Pooh pooh!" to the lions. And if you don't understand that reference, moving along is something you shouldn't do. Instead, go watch or read Madeline


Dr Who

Worzel Gummidge

Addams Family


The Trap Door

Dennis The Menace


Garfield and Friends


Invader Zim

Pinky And The Brain


Star Trek series



Round The Twist

Grim Tales


The Goodies

Danger Mouse

Wallace And Gromit

Footrot Flats

Count Duckula

Inspector Gadget

Astro Boy

Looney Tunes

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