Monday, May 27, 2013

The fictional dads boy's often choose

Whether or not the fictional Dad is actually a dad is not what's important. Here, what is important is how real little boys see or saw the male fictional character. Unbeknownst to many an actual Dad, their little boy actually chooses another (or several) role model or wish fulfilment father amongst the long list of adult male fictional characters available. Listed here are but a few of the more popular. It should also be noted that there are even more characters being chosen by the current young generations, both as heroes to try to be and as secondary fathers. Only time will tell who will be the most popular.

Homer Simpson

Dr Who

Charlie Chaplin

Cliff Huxtable

Philip Banks a.k.a "Uncle Phil"

Geoffrey Barbara or "G"

Al Bundy

Darth Vadar

Sherlock Holmes

Gomez Addams




James Bond

Han Solo

Arnold Schwarzenegger, usually as Terminator or Dutch from Predator

Dr Jones

Indiana Jones

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