Saturday, March 24, 2012

Allergy free chocolate experiment #2

This time I followed a combination of instructions from this:

And from the John Scharffenberger instruction video.

I ground the sugar then added the cacao and ground for 3 minutes. Then I added the spices that I wanted and ground (my pour grinder is resting now) until the mix was approaching liquid. Afraid my grinder was about to conk out I decanted the chocolate mixture into my warmed mortar and pestle and started grinding by hand. They say to grind until the chocolate tastes nice or your arm falls off... My arm hurts but at least the chocolate tastes nice, if a little more granular than I like (next time I'll sort that out). Then I added a little chocolate liquor and cacao butter and kept on grinding. Finally I thought my arm was about to fall off so I decanted again onto a glass cutting board and went about tempering with two plastic spatulas. After that I poured the chocolate into the mould and stuffed it in the fridge to set. Then I popped the chocolate out and snapped off the uneven edges as best I could without melting the chocolate.


More Grinding

Trapped Teddy Bears

Free But Very Edible Teddy Bears

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