Monday, March 5, 2012

Out and about day

First day out since the farm day. To be honest, I've been so steeped in work I've almost forgotten how to put it down. I shall be editing on the train of course, because I can't take a book with me or I'll stop editing and get sucked into someone else's fantasy land. The clash of the fantasy lands is a big hazard...

So, what is today about?

Visiting my friend and agent to natter about books, life, jobs, submissions and anything else that comes to mind.

And tea! We are both in need of a top up of tea from The Tea Centre. Without tea I think my life would come to a screaming halt so this is a mission (please disregard the fact that my collection of teas would currently last me several months, if not half a year). Loooove the tea.

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