Friday, March 9, 2012

Quirky bookmarks

I've been buried in superannuation and editing all this morning and to lighten the mental strain I went searching for quirky bookmarks I could buy and ideas for ones I could make when I next need a mental break.

I want this one! Just pondering how I could make one.

Cute, though I can imagine breaking a lot of them, the tangles they could make and torn pages.

These look like they'd be simple to make but I have to figure out the pattern.

I like these. Drowning in words... I know the feeling.


  1. I like the ones that look like animals in the wild -- elephants, giraffes, lions, etc. Trouble is the clip is a little to small.

    1. Do you have a picture of them? They sound fun.
      I have a long history of dog earring because I misplace all my bookmarks. Maybe starting a collection will help... It would also help me find the perfect one.