Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Today is going to be ruled by two things

Editing and...

what to do with these.

Keylime pie
Lime cordial
Lime butter
Lime sorbet
Lemon and lime syrup cakes
Lime chicken
Limau Ice (with rosewater added)

I shall be attempting the first two today.

1 comment:

  1. Felipe: Plaza Limes?
    Pisco Sour
    Make yourself a battery: Use copper and zinc electrodes and attach them to each in series with wires.. You would get around 40V

    Lisa: Mojitos!

    Rosalie: That's what my giveaways are going to I think.

    Navjeet: Limau Ice...a Malaysian drink made with lime juice, water, sugar and ice. Mix to taste. Not complex, but very tasty, especially on a hot day! (You could probably use the granulated splenda stuff instead of sugar)

    Rosalie: I was just thinking I should try making lime cordial.

    Shirin: Add a bit of rose water as well.

    Rosalie Fitzpatrick Oh? To cordial or to the Limau Ice?

    Shirin: Limau ice - we call it Aab-limou sherbet

    Megan: Umm der MOJITOS!!!!

    Rosalie: Lol I'm a non-drinker for the most part. Unfortunate side-effect of the health things.

    Rosalie: Thinking of a mock up version of Key Lime Pie, cordial and a few other things. all need a bit of tinkering with the ingredients

    Megan: Ah bummer. Lime cordial it is then.

    Rosalie: Pretty much.