Saturday, March 31, 2012

Allergy free homemade chocolate Easter eggs making tips

Before you start, if you haven't made homemade chocolate from cocoa nibs before please refer to my earlier posts on chocolate making at home, leaving out experiment #3 for the moment.

Making hollow chocolate eggs can be hard but you do end up with proper Easter eggs. They are a little rough but here are my first efforts at Easter eggs. I made two batches of chocolate for this collection. What I didn't use to make hollow eggs I used to make these. There are two solid eggs included.

Tips for making chocolate Easter eggs:
  • Use an Easter egg making mould with nice patterns.
  • Grind the cocoa nibs well to decrease the graininess and increase the smooth shine of the chocolate once set.
  • Remember to keep some warm liquid chocolate aside so that you can use it to glue the two sides of the eggs together.
  • To set the egg halves quickly put them in the fridge. Decreasing the setting time well help in keeping the reserved chocolate liquid until you need it.
  • Use a small clean brush to brush the warm liquid chocolate around the edges of the egg halves.
  • Press the halves together quickly and be sure to use a tea towel or gloves so as to stop the chocolate melting under your fingertips.

  • I found it easier to create eggs on my second attempt as a little practice and knowledge went a long way.

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