Friday, August 31, 2012

Great animal hybrids in fantasy fiction

For this humans are going to be slotted in with the animals (rightfully so as I see it). One of the odd things that comes from doing so is that you can see that humans tend to want to be able to fly as well as have claws and fangs. Only rarely are we paired with animals or fantasy creatures that don't have such capabilities. 

Liger (lion and tiger)

Hippogriff (griffin and mare)

Centaur (horse and human - often a knight or warrior)

Werewolf or Wolfman (wolf and human)

Catdog (cat and dog)

Griffin (lion and eagle)

Birdman or Seraph (bird - often an eagle - and man)

Werevamp (werewolf and vampire)

Kalidah (lion and bear)

Hircocervus (goat and stag)

Cynamolgi (dog and human)

Chimera (lion, serpent and goat or goat, snake, dragon, lion)

Humanzee (human and chimpanzee)

Cabit (cat and rabbit)

Mermaid (human and fish)

Lamia (human and snake)

Faun, Pan or Satyr (human and goat)

Sphinx (human and lion) 

Wyrvern (bird and reptile)

Gorgon (snake, bird, boar)

Pegasus (horse and bird)

Fly/man (human and fly)

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