Monday, January 28, 2013

Physical features in fiction: manga and anime eyes

The below images are often an example of multiple features but I've organised them according to their major aspects. Manga and anime styles have developed and expanded quite a lot since the early years so choosing the appropriate style when drawing is incredibly important for reaching your desired audience. Each style sets the audience up to expect a certain look, characterisation and series of events. This is similar to writing in a particular genre, in fact, when choosing a manga or anime style it is often the case that the range of styles available are limited by current genre trends.

Wide eyes

Innocent and doll-like eyes

Double or triple pupil lines

Glowing eyes

Narrow eyes

Flaming eyes

Slanted eyes

Sloped (downwards) eyes

Heavy lidded eyes

Glaring eyes

Lazy glaring or assessing eyes

Closed eyes


Slit pupils

Small iris and pupil

Angular or square eyes

Shaded or dull eyes

Cross eyes

Covered eyes

Minimalist eyes

Round dots or eyes in shadow

Evil or bad guy eyes

Teary or sad eyes

Three eyes

Common colours not usually found in humans: 

Red eyes

Gold or yellow eyes

Black eyes

White eyes

Purple eyes

Pink eyes

Orange eyes

Silver eyes

Rainbow eyes

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