Thursday, January 10, 2013

Scariest masks in the movies

For this post I decided to leave out head gear that was worn as a face rather than a mask over a face. If I didn't do this, pretty much any monster film would have to be included for the often full body costumes worn. Also, I've left out helmets such as that Darth Vader wore. I'll make a separate list someday for excellent helmets.

The Leatherface mask from Texas Chainsaw Massacre (original and remake).

The Dr. Decker Button mask from NightBreed, 1990.

The Michael Myers mask from Halloween (original and remake).

The young Michael Myers clown mask from Halloween (original and remake).

The Jason Vorhees mask from Friday the 13th series.

The Pig mask from Motel Hell.

 The Pig mask from Saw.

The Hannibal Lector mask from Silence of The Lambs.

Mrs. Tredoni's mask from Alice, Sweet Alice.

The Strangers masks from The Strangers.

Satan Man's mask from Satan’s Little Helper.

The Scarecrow mask from Dark Night of the Scarecrow.

Frank’s mask from Donnie Darko.

The Pyramid-Head mask from Silent Hill.

The severed human-face skin mask from The Devil's Rejects.

The gas mask from My Bloody Valentine.

Cupid mask from Valentine.

The mask of satan from Black Sunday.

Surprisingly scary masks not from horror movies

Masks from A Clockwork Orange.
This is one creepy and violent movie with an excellent soundtrack. The masks are worn when group performs acts of ultraviolence they don't want to get caught for.

The Loki mask from The Mask.
The way it clings on by itself and alters the personality is scary enough despite the story being comedic.

The Opera mask from The Phantom of the Opera.
This is one of the original scary masks, which is scary more for what it is known to hide than for itself.

The Guy Fawkes mask from V for Vendetta.
It just keeps on grinning. On top of that whole mobs can become essentially faceless even as they grin threateningly. It is quite an intimidating mask.

Frankenstein's mask from the Death Race series.
Tells of how many injuries have been visited upon the first Frankenstein's real face. It acts as a warning to those who come after him of just what they face.

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