Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Treasure Hunter character introduction: Prometheus

Illustrations by Rosalie Fitzpatrick

After eons of isolation, Prometheus’s mind begins to crumble from boredom and his dark desire for revenge. On an endless day or pain and boredom much like any other day, he is suddenly released from his chains and dropped into the human world from a height. He soon begins to build a life for himself as a brilliant thief only to have it destroyed by Samuel Fawkes, his first human friend. Once again plagued by a bloody desire for revenge Prometheus controls his impulses only so he won’t cause harm to Amelia Babbage, the one unwittingly offering him a new life of love and adventure.

Prometheus uses a magic charm that hangs about his neck to change his appearance from that of the above to that of the below. And he has more than one disguise, as any good thief should have.

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