Friday, September 7, 2012

Goriest Asian movies

Tokyo Gore Police

Ichi The Killer

The Machine Girl

Meatball Machine

Lik Wong or Ricky-oh: The Story of Ricky

Ninja Assassin

Suicide Club

Kichiku dai enkai

Slit Mouthed Woman

Yeuk saat

Guang Zhou sha ren wang zhi ren pi ri ji 
aka Diary of a Serial Killer


Mutant Girls Squad

Yakuza Weapon

Battle Royale


The following two come with a massive warning. Only for the severely hard core enthusiasts but even then, maybe keep a bucket handy...

Flowers of Flesh and Blood from The Guinea Pig series
Just slow dismemberment and disembowelment. Nothing much else. Bucket required.
Oh, this isn't real at all but it sure looks it. Enough to have the FBI investigating...

Philosophy of a Knife
Based on real life human 'experimentation'/torture during wartime. You will likely hate humanity a lot more after watching this.

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