Friday, September 21, 2012

Popular real cities for writing urban fantasy stories

Choosing the right city is crucial when writing urban fantasy. Many writers will make up a city from scratch but others will base their city on a real one, altering either the time, the cityscape or the populous to suit their story. Cities are chosen for their cultural depth, the industrial strengths, their bleakness, the ease of movement between city and wilderness (necessary for creatures like werewolves) or their religious significance (often plays a part in creature mythology - vampires, for example). Also, easy access to water is often a basic requirement, especially if water-dwelling creatures are to be included in the story.
Below, I've listed some of the most popular real cities for basing an urban fantasy in.
Choose wisely.

London - often the dark side

New York - sometimes including New York State

Vatican City/Rome - emphasis depends on the subject


San Francisco


Hong Kong

Los Angeles - preferably at night




Las Vegas


New Orleans

Baton Rouge

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