Sunday, February 17, 2013

Horror party ideas for horror movie fans

Dawn Of The Dead zombie costume competitions.

Classic horror creature costume competition.

Alien survivor game.
Version of tag with a team dressed as aliens and a team dressed as space miners.

Predator hunting game.
Version of hide and seek/paintball with one or more predators vs one or more humans.

What's In The Box competition.
With skulls, spiders, sticky webbing and all things squeamish horror. Either the old-school hole in the box can be used or the one opening the box can wear a blindfold.

Paranormal Activity house (night).
Set up booby traps and tricks for flickering lamps, shaking objects, strange shadows and strange creaking, thudding and whispering sounds.

Jaws (day) or Lake Placid (night) pool, pond or lake party.
Giant inflatable shark or crocodile is required.
Pool decorations and character costumes recommended.

Freddy vs Jason costume and fight competitions.
Using foam or plastic swords (shaped) and Jason gloves.

Battle Royale pass the parcel.
One awesome prize fought over by all in a no-holds-barred (but no real injuries allowed) battle. Those who lose any individual fight forfeit rights to the prize. Costumes required.

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