Friday, October 12, 2012

The daily cat: hugs while updating and morning wake up meow

Late last night while I was tinkering on the back end of the blog I realised I hadn't posted something on my cats in a while, most posts having ended up on facebook. So here's my cats now.

Bob was keeping me company while I did the above late night tinkering.

It isn't exactly helpful but company is always loved.

Even if he decides to zap a thought into my mind.
"What? I can only just hear you."

!! "Alright, alright, I get the message!"

This morning's message went something like "Mom, get up. Why aren't doing normal things? We can't eat breakfast until you're normal."

"How long is she going to take?"

"Is she broken? Maybe I can kiss her awake?"
Queue kisses on the nose and purring until I can't deal anymore and have to get up.

So it was an early morning back at the tinkering.

And while I hold up breakfast

There's a cat pile forming.

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