Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Quick search list

Bread, scones, pancakes, porridge, muffins, puddings.

Loaves, rolls, twists, sticks, banana breads, scones, pizza doughs.

Salad dressings, pesto, chutney and salad recipes.

Asian, Chinese, Indian, Vietnamese, Brazillian, Thai, Singaporean, Moroccan, English/European, Mexican, Ethiopian.

Basic pastry recipes to select from when making pies etc.

Savoury pies, sweet pies and tarts.

Coconut and goat's milk based condensed milks and alternative cooking sauces.

Goat's milk based ice creams, sorbets and gelato.

Coconut milk based hot chocolates.

Coconut milk based.

A selection of Simon's favourite recipes. See likes on the facebook page for more suggestions.

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