Saturday, November 17, 2012

Simon's choice recipe list

Simon and food
Simon had a rather traditional and limited eating history before meeting me. His dinners were usually meat and 2-3 vegetable (often corn, tomato and/or potato). His lunches and snacks consisted of parties pies, sausage rolls, chicken bits, chips and some side vegetables again. His breakfasts, who knows... Except I do know that when he did eat cereal it was dry.
He doesn't like melted cheese unless it is on pizza (I won on the pizza issue after dragging him up a glacier - that sort of thing always makes you hungry enough to eat your own leg so melted cheese probably seemed quite a nice option then). Nor does he like goat's milk anything if he can taste the goat's milk (he has only nixed 2 main meals for this and won't try my ice cream even though they don't taste at all goat's milky unless intended). He does, however, love cheese on crackers.
Regional meals that aren't of English variety weren't discovered until late teens and early twenties, with some popular cuisines he's still to try. The first real hit discovery was pasties and it moved on from there to Chinese food and Indian. It took a little longer for Thai but now he agrees that Thai has a cleaner taste.
He's not a fan of soups as he doesn't believe in drinking his meals. This has been overcome a little but he's still mostly against stews and soups, leading to a slight lack in stew recipes at the moment. When cooking for other people their tastes tend to take over.
Also he doesn't eat many sweets, preferring his fat intake to be of the savoury kind. Chips are in and chocolate is out. Not all the way of course, especially over Easter, but enough that a pack of small Toblerones has been sitting on his desk since Easter and is only partially eaten. Please note when this was posted.

So for the picky, mostly carnivore but protesting otherwise, savoury-loving bachelors out there, here is Simon's choice dishes from all those I've posted. These are the ones he repeatedly asks for more of or stole the leftovers of so I didn't have any lunch the next day. There are many runners up but these are the best as far as he's concerned.

Breads and scones

Biscuits and cookies

Pikelets and fritters


Pies and cakes

Chocolates and lollies


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