Friday, February 17, 2012

Best methods to rid yourself of writer's block

  • Tea - fire those synapses
  • Sleep - rest and rejuvenate
  • A day trip - get your mind off it and have some fun/relax
  • Reading - look at other people's ideas, styles, themes, worlds and think of what you'd change
  • Arguing with someone on a topic of interest
  • Day dreaming - write down scenarios or note what emotions drive them
  • Dreams - intense dreams or nightmares can provide great plot devices, character motivations
  • Observing and taking note of strange incidents
  • Researching historical events or alternate lifestyles
  • Hang out with your pets - relax and see that there is a great deal you don't know and can discover (if you don't know what I mean or don't have pets then just ask 'why?' at everything)
  • Watch a show that makes you argue ineffectually at the television screen - write your response
  • Read poetry or jokes - they often reveal a new way of looking at things
  • Listen to music with a theme or story behind the lyrics - works in a similar way to poetry or jokes
  • Read over what you've written already. Find where the problem started and begin writing again from there.

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