Saturday, February 11, 2012

Current projects

This week I've been tinkering on three projects at once, one necessary anyway and the other two for the more involved business of writing for publication.

The first project is a book of recipes that I can use given my newly discovered long list of allergies: eggs, milk, peanuts, almond, wheat, rye, oats, soy and to a small extent rice. With so much to cut from my diet it was either find out replacement recipes or becomes a fruit and vegetarian who eats chicken and fish (I don't eat red meat because of another condition). I have collated a few and will keep testing and noting them until I have a nice selection for each meal type that taste just as good as the food I'd otherwise had, if different at times.

Recently I've cooked and noted down recipes for lemon butter, chicken and vegetable pie complete with mash on top, 2 sorbets, 2 fruit sauces, orange and lemon marmalade, fruit bread, chicken spaghetti, chicken tacos, chicken with a tomato salad and melted goat's cheese feta as well as vegetable and barley soup. Next on the list is hummingbird cake. All without the foods I'm allergic to except minor doses of rice flour. Luckily, I was told if I was to crack and eat any of the foods I'm allergic to then rice would be the one to pick. Luckily, because I can use some over the counter products because of this.

The second and third are both the 2 initial urban fantasy books of a series. This has so far been called the Amelia Babbage Series, which I wish to continue writing until the romantic, scientific, business and identity issues of the two main characters are resolved. Whether or not these books end up being published. Fingers crossed they do but there is never any guarantee unless I'm willing to do so myself.

As the publishing industry is only now starting to see a glimmer of hope I have decided to take the chance provided by their pause for breath to develop the first book in the Amelia Babbage series further than I otherwise would. I shall keep writing on this as time goes by as I work through the ideas.

I have several other ideas and projects on the back burner, some more so than others as I have only two arms and ten fingers (it is sometimes annoying to have so few).

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