Monday, February 13, 2012

Mock up blurb for my alternate history urban fantasy book

The Treasure Hunter
Book one of The Amelia Babbage Series

The year is 1898 and it has been some three years, eons, a thousand years and yet not even a second since time and space was fractured with the explosion of Nikola Tesla’s time travel experiment. Across the globe breaches commonly known as bubbles constantly expel all manner of life forms, structures and land from throughout time and space. Unfortunately for many, as much disappears from the New World via the bubbles as ever appears.

In chaotic New London where humans mingle with gods, cyborgs, monsters and even fictitious characters, Amelia Babbage battles to establish her new business, The Babbage and Co. Detective Agency: Finding the Lost. Desperate to see her detective agency succeed Amelia takes on the first case that comes her way: the case of Blackbeard’s missing silver.

As the search for Blackbeard’s silver leads Amelia into the dark depths of New London she quickly realises she faces a far more dangerous enemy than the bloodthirsty pirates Anne Bonne, William Kidd and their conflicting crews. The dark dealings of warmongers and politicians take centre stage in a brewing war for possession and control of New London.

Fortunately Amelia isn't working alone. Helping her solve the case and stay alive is a robotic parrot named Crackers, the two knights Joan of Arc and Jacques de Molay, Ilona the cranky pixie, the vilified genius Nikola Tesla, Aetos the god of eagles, her half-elf cousin Lily and a strange man calling himself Aadan Pandareos who disturbs Amelia's heart.

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