Saturday, February 11, 2012

Current read

My reading rate slowed dramatically when I started writing but my buying remained almost unaffected. As a result I have many, many books to read just lying about waiting for me to get to reading.

Currently, I'm catching up on J D Robb's books. Treachery In Death was great, though I did wish Eve got into more than one fight even if it was only with a training robot or just sparring with Roarke. That's my personal preference though, as I do love a good fight scene.

Following on the back of Treachery In Death I have just started J D Robb's New York to Dallas, oddly named considering the other titles in the series, which is shaping up to be a cracker.

Considering the number of ideas that crowded out my mind last night I may take a while to read New York to Dallas but I suspect I will enjoy it no less. I just have to remember where I'm up to after each break.

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