Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Marmalade Cat

Today has been governed by two things. The first is Bonzo or Neighbour Cat as we call him. This is my spot and he's been here since this morning. I am currently sitting at the very edge of my spot, my back getting sore, wondering why I haven't thrown him off yet. Answer: I'm a sucker and well, the weathers cold and so was he and I felt sorry for him and he took advantage and he opened the door by himself which shows he really, really wanted in and yeah, I'm a sucker.

The second is this: I made marmalade from a full bag of oranges and one lemon. More than most recipes call for. I cut the amount of sugar in half too. Made an effort to slice the rinds super thin and I kept the pulp out so it is really clear. Very pretty when you look at it up close. It is still cooling and will probably take a few hours more.

Conclusion: Today is an orange day.

Now, back to business. Get rid of the headache and get back to editing.


  1. Not Our Cat wins again! Hopefully he takes some fleas with him when he departs for the day.

  2. Dreamings and hopings and wishings :)