Thursday, February 23, 2012

First two paragraphs of The Treasure Hunter

Note: I am posting the first two paragraphs to my alternate history urban fantasy book because I was asked to post some of it. If you have feedback or see something I should change then write a comment. I'm still editing both language and content, although the content is mostly right now.
So here it is.

The Treasure Hunter

Prometheus was a Titan of immense strength, cunning and intelligence and yet he lay there, having his liver pecked out for what might well be the billionth time and could do nothing about it. He couldn’t even shave his ever-growing thick brown beard even though he desperately wanted to. Luckily he could still see around its enormous mass to the sky above and the only two visitors he ever had: the giant eagle currently pecking at his liver and the slightly obnoxious and very wearing Thanatos, God of Death.
No one else deigned to visit Prometheus so he didn’t mind that he was naked and chained to a boulder quite so much as he otherwise might. If any other gods were to visit he’d likely feel a touch ashamed at his state but Thanatos saw everyone at their worst so Prometheus wasn’t worried about any impression he gave. And the giant eagle, well, was a giant eagle and far more concerned with his liver than anything else. Except apologising, that was, he would never forget the eagle’s endless apologising and he had forever to try.


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  2. I'm putting this here as it made me happy and I'm afraid of losing the email.

    "Amber wrote: "Thanks, Rosie, I'm chuffed! I put a comment on the blog last night but it seems to have disappeared. It was "Unique, intriguing, yet slightly grotesque... I'd read on!" All the best to you as you finish writing the series."

    Thanks Amber!

  3. Sounds like it will be a fun read!

  4. I'm hoping it will be. The world in the book is my ultimate escape. Has a bit of everything and allows me to write pretty much anything. Really enjoying writing it.