Thursday, February 23, 2012

Today's somewhat troublesome cooking experiment

Oh for crying out loud. 3 lights still produce a dark photo?
Well, you should have see the near black ones I got with 
1 and 2 lights.

The recipe was fine. I swear. It is just that the oven stopped working half way through and I didn't notice until the middle caved in. I turned the oven again and it cooked nicely, I just lost the round top.

I was advised to disguise the dip, which flattened later, with orange icing and my husband was so keen on icing I just had to, even though traditionally you sprinkle icing sugar on orange and poppy seed cake rather than icing it.

So, here is one flat orange and poppy seed cake with orange icing. It may look sad but it'll taste good.

I'll post the recipe after my next attempt just in case it played a part.

I'm going to have to fix that oven. That probably means unscrewing the bottom plate of it and cleaning any grease out. It is going to be fun.

1 comment:

  1. ‎:( Oven turned off half way through cooking my cake. Now it is concave. Oh well, tastes the same.
    Thursday at 15:58
    Simon Miller That oven needs fixing :(
    Thursday at 16:07 · Like
    Rosalie Fitzpatrick Sigh, I know, I know. I just have to wait for it to cool after this. Oh and remember.
    Thursday at 16:10 · Like
    Lisa Caldwell Boooo
    Thursday at 16:20 · Like
    Simon Miller I'm sure it will tasty lovely :D
    Thursday at 16:20 · Like
    Brigitte Anttilla Ah, but now you can fill the indent with more icing, yum!
    Thursday at 16:39 · Like
    Rosalie Fitzpatrick It will. :) And it is becoming flat rather than concave which is at least nicer
    Thursday at 16:39 · Like
    Rosalie Fitzpatrick Oooh ideas girl! Creamy icing or plain?
    Thursday at 16:39 · Like
    Simon Miller Orange frosted icing plz k thx.
    Thursday at 16:40 · Like
    Brigitte Anttilla Orange icing!
    Thursday at 16:40 · Like
    Brigitte Anttilla Ooh, beat me too it!
    Thursday at 16:40 · Like · 1
    Rosalie Fitzpatrick Orange juice icing it is :) And apparently plenty of it. Hehe
    Thursday at 16:41 · Like · 1
    Rosalie Fitzpatrick Frosting is the butter way so icing sugar and juice mix or orange cream cheese is your choice Simon
    Thursday at 16:42 · Like
    Simon Miller Whichever is more 'solid'
    Thursday at 16:44 · Like
    Brigitte Anttilla ‎*nudges Simon - Go for the cream cheese :)
    Thursday at 16:45 · Like
    Rosalie Fitzpatrick Heh, you both voted for the opposite. Cream cheese would be like orange cheesecake. Orange icing think cupcakes and donuts icing flavoured orange
    Thursday at 16:45 · Like
    Simon Miller The donut one!
    Thursday at 16:46 · Like · 1
    Rosalie Fitzpatrick Alright :) Thinking of figuring out a cheesecake recipe at some point. Have ideas but the normal one is a deadly recipe in pretty much every way... would be replacing pretty much all the ingredients but sugar :)
    Thursday at 16:48 · Like