Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Lion attack!

I was researching and ran across these... If that explains anything to you.

This picture just keeps popping up in my searches today. Makes me laugh every time. It is from an old newspaper, roughly 1895-ish London. Hope he didn't actually go that way.

Why you should never open a lion's cage. Or better yet, why you should never cage a lion in the first place. He's going to chomp you one day.

I also ran across this one.

He is Lionel, the Lion faced boy who, yes you guessed it, ended up exhibiting in the circus. Or is it, an exhibition in the circus? Either way there is a myth about him seeing his father eaten by a lion when he was young and imprinting from the event - thus the hair.


  1. Lionel looks like Chewbacca! Roaooooaarrrrrrrr....

  2. I think I prefer him to the elephant man. He's kind of pretty in a way. (Am I being mean to the elephant man now?)