Tuesday, February 14, 2012

More musings on illustration styles

Drawing Style #2: Abstract shapes

I think this might be nice for although it is complex it is easier to do than the 'etching' style and not quite as rough and impressionistic as some pen and ink drawings can get. I might blend this style with something like the below so that all the shapes have some sort of intricate detailing to them but shading is included.

Drawing style # 3: Detailed and shaded

This is closer to my normal drawing style so it would be very easy for me to draw so many illustrations. The only thing to hold me back is the subject matter, but then I've already written them up so I won't be changing that.

Drawing Style #3:

The more I look at this the more I know it doesn't suit my book. Still, it is worth looking at closely because of the detail involved and how an accurate 3D dinosaur (yes there is one in the book but I won't be drawing it. It is a raptor that appears in one chapter and is quickly slaughtered in a rather brutal way. Poor raptor.) or monster could be draw.

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