Saturday, February 18, 2012

Favourite authors

Note: this list is very short compared to the real one. I grew up without a television so the list of books I favour is quite long (the first television we had being brought into the garage, not the house, when I was in year 11. There was also an initial television watching limit of 1 hour/day to cut down on arguments between us kiddies). The real list is far too long to note here. So, here is a list of favourites that has been heavily influenced by the last few year's reading and writing research.

Favourite Writers with Female Leads (includes writing research):
Mary Gentle (start with Ash: A Secret History)
J D Robb (aka Nora Roberts though I stick to the J D Robb crime books)

Favourite Writers with Male Leads:

Mary Gentle (start with Grunts)
David Zindell (earlier series)
Brent Wells
Isaac Asimov
Doug Naylor

Favourite Writers for Non Fiction:

Favourite Classic Writers:
H G Wells
Jules Verne
Mary Shelley
Charlotte Bronte
Mark Twain
Bram Stocker
Edgar Allan Poe
Oscar Wilde
Robert Louis Stevenson
For stories that don't always have a documented author, I have to add in the various old Arthurian texts because they delve into far more human faults and flaws than any of the latest works.

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