Saturday, February 11, 2012

The purpose of this blog

I am your average eccentric hermit writer who's (once again) rediscovering why eccentricity and hermitage are issues when it comes to anything but writing.

So I decided that something needed to be done. Part of this includes setting up a blog, creating a Twitter account, re-entering the worlds of Facebook and LinkedIn and just generally reconnecting with everyone. It has been enjoyable so far and I hope it stays so.

This blog is where I shall scrawl down what I'm up to or what I'm interested in with regards to all things books, whether it concerns writing, editing, illustrating or reading. I may also even post the mostly disappointing but still encouraging results from my manuscript submissions. Also, ideas I'd like to see put to print but ones I cannot undertake myself for lack of skill in or knowledge of the subject matter as well as issues of interest in the publishing world.

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