Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Types of fictional islands

Floating or flying islands
Literally uprooted from the earth, they are often made from mountain tops, flat land or actual islands. Their direction can be governed.

Lost in space-time islands
These islands can be standard islands otherwise or appear as one of the other types: floating, space craft or planetary.

Space craft islands
The space craft is like a slab of land, with people or aliens living upon it rather than contained within. The island can be island shaped or even a great loop, as long as those living on it are contained only by whatever encapsulates the atmosphere.

Prehistoric islands in modern times
Often previously uncharted, they are often populated by dinosaurs or ancient tribes.

Enclosed islands containing mythological beings
Similar to prehistoric islands, these islands are the home of mythological beings powerful enough to hide the island from humans. Inhabitants range from fairies to angels and demons.

Prison islands
Islands often left uncharted or made restricted, they home the worst of the worst.

Treasure islands

Lost islands holding pirate treasure or the lost treasure of gold ships from an empire.

Uncharted islands
These are often included into stories so that a character can become a castaway for an extended period of time. Also they provide good places for those in the know to hide.

Bermuda islands
Ruled by the mysteries of the Bermuda, meaning they could be lost in space-time as well as being the home of those lost within the Bermuda.

Planet islands
They are islands rather than planets when considered as a small or isolated section of land within a solar system or galaxy.

Non-existent islands
These are fantasies built on myths or Chinese whisperers within the story structure and can be essential to plot development.

Reef islands made entirely of coral
These provide a touch of magic or mystique to a tropics based story. If there's no magic system within the story these islands provide the same impression of wonder.

Private islands of evil villains or mad doctors
Myths are spread about these to warn off visitors. They're guarded by personal armies and contain weapons stashes if the villain is connected but if the person is just a mad scientist then the island could otherwise be uncharted or private.

Devil's island
An island where Hell or the underworld is accessible or where devils can congregate on earth.

Secluded islands where the rules of civilisation are discarded
People battle people or creatures, murders are arranged, drugs are produced, slavery trade conducted.

Artificial or man-made islands
Created for many of the above nefarious purposes or as private kingdoms/countries.

Boat islands (think larger)
It is hard to tell if they're boats or islands at times but essentially the island can move over the oceans with the use of engines. They can be part of steam punk stories or mad industrial magnate stories.

Sentient islands
These islands are like small Gaias, having minds of their own and systems to protect themselves when needed. They can control the environment of the island.

Utopian islands
These islands contain everything we dream of, from food to wealth to peace. They can be used to show just how incapable we are of accepting such bounty peacefully.

Hoax island
Doesn't actually exist but its 'existence' is part of the story. It is very much like the non-existent island but this time it is built on lies rather than myths or Chinese whispers. The lie is constructed for the sake of a shady deal or escaping trouble (such as treasure hunters etc.).

River islands
Appearing within the world's largest rivers they offer a small patch of sanctuary if a character is on the run, a hindrance to an adventure that must be overcome, a place for a character to hide from society while remaining within reach of it.

Enchanted islands
Magic rules apply to the island when they don't to any other part of the world or at least to most other places.

Cloud islands
It is hard to tell whether they're islands or clouds sometimes but the clouds can be walked upon, built upon and plants can be grown on them. They float like floating islands but this time they are completely directionless. Alternatively, they are only in one place at a certain time so their properties are tied to something other than the particular cloud.

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